Hello World – for the 5th time –

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2009 at 3:25 pm

Hello World,

I wrote a marketing blog when i was in Germany for 4 years. Then i started wrting one more marketing blog in Turkish. At the same time me and my bro, who are madly in love with horror movies, blogged about horror movies. After, i am blogging with 6 great Turkish marketer in Marketingcircle and now i had to write here too 🙂

I have been writing a blog about interactive marketing and communication in Turkish since 2004. Lots of friends and customers around want me to write in English too, i was just delaying again and again. That is why i want to write in English for my friends out there and away from Turkish.

You can find the personal informations on about page, the projects i created or directed, shortly what i did and am doing.

In this blog you can find unique thoughts of a marketer, the presentations, everything about life of a  marketing freak who breathes in blogosphere for years.

Let’s walk together! Have lots of to talk ..


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