Projects – Done

Here you can find the informations and links of the projects i directed, developed and created…

Microsoft Turkey: CEO Blog Consultancy http://caglayanarkan.spaces.live.com/

Researching the CEO bloggers all over the world, analysing the datas, reporting and drawing the site map and strategies of the blog.Çağlayan Arkan is the first CEO blogger of Turkey.


Toyota European Localisation Project www.toyotasa.com.tr

Coordinating the content manager and designers, communicating with the European Regional Management.

Moulinex Turkey Localisation Project www.moulinex.com.tr

Coordinating the content manager and designer team, communicating  with the European Regional Management.

Rixos Web Site: www.rixos.com

Analysing the needs of web site, preparing the brief for desing team, coordinating the template and contents, managing the processes.


Rixos Villas Web Site: www.rixosvillas.com

Analysing the needs of the web site, prepairing the map, briefing to design team and content manager. This site was awarded with Honor Award by Webby Awards in 2008.


Toyota Auris SEM Based Online Project: www.auris-yenitoyota.com

Auris is the brand new model car. For name reveal of Auris in Turkey, the SEM Specialist of the Agency created a new modell. We used the datas of potential customers in Toyota Turkeys databank. A SMS was sent to customers mobile phone which includes a unique code to enter and search vi Google. The codes were for the Adwords to every unique customer. The Adword directed the customer to a microsite by clicking. The goal was the test drive form. This project was a first time for Google and awarded by GIA 2008. I coordinated the SEM Specialist, Toyota IT department, the coordination and the communication between Toyota Managers and Agency, the design team, content manager and the advertising agency.


Toyota Auris online media plan:

I planed the online media budget for Toyota Auris name reveal process myself. This plans goal was same as SEM based online project. To announce the name and the test drive form filling. MSN announced this online media plan as Case Study.

Rixos Hotel World Second Life www.slurl.com/secondlife/Rixos/128/128/0


Rixos Hotels were designed in 3d and managed as a real hotel in Second Life, which is still alive.I was responsible for positioning, product placement, coordinating the creative team and hotels management in game.

Efe Rakı MSN Emoticons http://www.eferaki.com/main_en.html efe-raki1

A viral Msn project was created by me. The goal was viral seeding for the young target audience to use the emoticons on their chat sessions. So it never seemed as an online ad, it was a great friendly emotion. The goal was achieved between Turkish people and seeded around Germany and France.


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